Getting Started

At Jaquillard Minns Family Office we believe that no two families are the same and we cater to your individual needs. In order to provide you with the peace of mind you are after we initially focus on identifying your family’s needs. We want to build you structures, disciplines and processes that reflect your family’s core values.

Only when we have in-depth understanding of your needs do we tailor services designed to provide solutions for you. Completely bespoke, you can choose the combination of in-house resources and external specialist advice and assistance. You also choose your level of personal involvement in its operations.

Our services include:

Family Leadership

Family education
Next generation development
Succession planning
Goal alignment
Encouraging entrepreneurialism


Asset allocation
Investment policy
Advisor selection
Performance measurement
Risk management
*Some services that require an AFSL are outsourced


Grant making policy and advice
Operation and administration
Strategic review


Tax and other compliance
Bill Paying
Consolidated accounting and investment reporting


Tax planning
Strategic planning
Estate planning


Family constitution
Family council
Family advisory board
Structured meetings